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Department B: Primaries

Teach the Ten Commandments using the Lives of the Apostles as
Examples of true Christianity

AGES: 7-12

This is currently the earliest course in the Teal Curriculum which includes Question Review Cards for the playing of various games. Instructions for the games are included. Beginning in about 2nd grade, students can really enjoy a rousing review game using the facts they have learned in the preceding sessions.

Children use and keep booklets called God's Way or Ours which contain the most important information from each lesson. These are illustrated with jingles and drawings of (rather humorous) young people, families, and others who seem to have some trouble keeping the Commandments. The Handout Sheets give the students the opportunity to learn about each Apostle through his shield of symbols. This is usually so interesting that people have been known to hang onto these shields into adulthood. A parish in Michigan has a set the children made of wood, beautifully painted, displayed in the Parish Hall!

Teacher's Materials include both the Manual and the Review Question Cards.

Student's Materials include the booklet God's Way or Ours, and the Handout Sheet Packet of
Limericks, Puzzles and Shields.

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