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Department D: Junior High and High School

From the First Era of the Old Covenant, The Law and The Prophets, through the Second Era of the New Covenant in our Lord Jesus, to the Third Era of the Church and her Sacraments and Teachings

AGES: 12 +

The Pentateuch, Prophets, the Incarnation, Ministry, Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension of our Lord, the Apostolic Age, early heresies, the Christian Year, the Papacy and the Reformation, and the Book of Common Prayer are all covered in depth. The course could easily be used for one, two, or even three full school years.

The Teacher's Manual (270 pages) is a thorough and comprehensive sentence-style outline, with footnotes, explanations, and index.
In the Student Text, the chapters match the Teacher's book, with the main information from each lesson pulled out and illuminated by illustrations and diagrams. Comparisons, charts, lists, and the like are kept by students to refer to in years to come.

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