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Department D: Junior High and High School

The history of the Church on the continent from
Pentecost through Vatican II

AGES: 12 +

Best used after the basics of the Christian faith have been taught (Triumph of the Faith is a good course for this) this course in Church History is a good place to go. The history of Anglicanism is referred to, but is not thoroughly taught until History II: The March of Anglicanism.
The material is divided into topics rather than into sessions, so that the teacher is free to use the course over more than one year, if desired. Great Saints, damaging heresies, Apostles, popes, and the Age of Enlightenment are all part of this thorough course. (380 pages in the Teacher's Book!) Review questions and answers are included.

Teacher's Material consists of a Teacher's Manual which may be used for independant study.

The illustrated Student's text, for classroom and home study, has 4 maps and contains the material presented in classroom sessions, plus added details.

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