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Department E: Adult Education

A guide developed for teachers, then used as a course for Junior High, High School, Adults, and Families, expanded for "office use," and finally expanded into this edition by Dorothy and Tom Teal


Not a commentary, but rather a book of study notes for use as a reference guide, compiled by the Teals to aid a class of Bible study.
This book could be used by each member of a class, or used by just the teacher in conjunction with other study helps. It is also very flexible, not being written in sessions, but arranged according to the books of the Bible.
Supplementing with great art prints, with maps, and with readings from various versions is recommended. Review questions are included. The Appendices contain Geographical Information, a list of Important Characters in the Bible and the books in which they are mentioned, a Glossary of Terms, the Hierarchy of Angels, the Symbolism of Numbers, notes on Translations, and a Timeline of Biblical History.

A moderate view of Higher Criticism is presented in this guide. It may be helpful to the teacher to consult other sources regarding this matter.

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