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Department F: Teaching Aids and Other Items

Questions and Answers for the Teal Courses from Kindergarten through History II

The uses for this book of questions are nearly infinite. Here are a few: Study the questions to learn what your class covered last year. Ask your class last year's questions to enable them to really master the material. Then ask the questions from the year before that!
Refresh your memory in order to quickly answer questions as they arise in class. Make up quizzes, tests, and games for your classes.

Questions are from the courses -- Joyful Noise, Holypower, Our Lord Jesus Christ, God Shows Us the Way, Our Faith and Worship, The Year of Our Lord, Our Sacramental Way, This Is the Church, One In Christ, Prayers From Planet Earth, View From a Spaceship, Triumph of the Faith, Guided by the Holy Spirit, and The March of Anglicanism.

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