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Department F: Teaching Aids and Other Items

One set of the letters (The Greatest Gift, What is Christian Education, & The History of the Teal Curriculum), is included with each regular student pack ordered. If you want extras, they are available in bundles of 30 (10 each of the three letters).

Registration forms and Attendance charts are basic and functional, making an easy, uniform way to get all the information you need as the teacher kept in one place. (Sold in bundles of 20

The Award Certificates make an excellent end to a course. Printed on heavy stock, and suitable for framing, they read "Let it be known that (child's name) has successfully completed (course) and has taken another step toward Christian Maturity." (Sold in bundles of 10)

Send Cards when students are absent to cheer them, let them know they were missed, encourage them to return. (Sold in bundles of 10)

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